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Cassette GoldPrix : 5.99€ 0.99€ sur iTunes

Cassette GoldCassette GoldCassette GoldCassette GoldCassette GoldCassette Gold
Cassette GoldMusique
Alexander Rutkowskij

57 votes
Do you still remember the cassettes from the 80s? Now you can have it again. You have all your songs from your iPhone or iPod Touch ready in the library. Cassette Gold is a cassette player emulator. It plays your music and shows an animated cassette. There is a large selection of cassettes which you can choose from. This app bring's you back to the 80's. Very easy to use. - Touch for play or pause. - Swipe right for next song. - Swipe left for previous song. - Swipe down for next cassette
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Night StarsPrix : 6€ Gratuit sur iTunes

Night StarsNight StarsNight StarsNight Stars
Night StarsJeux
Oscar Tsang

12 votes
Highly addictive game. Once you start, you cannot stop. There are two modes. Game rule Regular: - Tap two or more blocks, which are same color - No time limit, once you meet target you can promote to next level Endless: - Tap two or more blocks, which are same color - Tap the blocks as more and fast as you can - The more block you tap once, the more time will be added - When level up the time drain will be faster - Once time up it will game over - Click the menu (Moon), the time will be pause
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MyChineseProPrix : 1.19€ 0.99€ sur iTunes

Hyung Dal KIM

0 votes
== Cette application vous permettra d'améliorer considérablement vos connaissances en Chinois == - Vous voulez maitriser l'Chinois? Lisez beaucoup ! - Mais la lecture est difficile à cause de tous ces mots compliqués!!! Alors pourquoi ne pas apprendre les mots avant de commencer la lecture? - Comment puis-je apprendre les mots avant de commencer à lire? Utilisez cette application !!! ■ Est-ce que vous callez sur plusieurs mots quand vous lisez un livre ou un journal en Chinois? ■ Est-ce que que
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Math Subtraction Operator AppPrix : 0.99€ Gratuit sur iTunes

Math Subtraction Operator AppMath Subtraction Operator AppMath Subtraction Operator AppMath Subtraction Operator AppMath Subtraction Operator App
Math Subtraction Operator AppÉducation

0 votes
Alakmalak launching new Math Subtraction App encouraging kids with interactive 4 different level of game feature. Features: 1. App is designed with 4 Level Game, (1, 2, 3 & custom) 2.In custom level, children allows to practice specific number set (minimum and max number set) and operators in the proven learning style of worksheets. 3. Kids can set background music, sound effect & timer. 4. Kids also set challenge time and quiz limit by his/her own. 5. Kids also tell for the app via email. 6.
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RoundgraphyPrix : 1.99€ Gratuit sur iTunes

RoundgraphyPhoto et vidéo
Shota Nakagami

0 votes
Roundgraphy est une application de caméra qui crée des photos avec un cadre circulaire. ●Artistic Effets Des effets spéciaux magnifiques et sympas ! vignette/xpro/old-style/pop/chaud/ bleuâtre/fondu/deux-tons/cinéma/sekki/ jouet/vintage/expro2/océan/feu/crème/ rose/chien/poisson ●Adjustment Outil - Exposition - Luminosité - Contraste - Saturation - Température - Souligner - Ombre - Vignette - Netteté ●Photo Partage Partagez facilement vos photos avec vos amis ! - Twitter - Facebook
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Numerari Scientific CalculatorPrix : 12.99€ 7.99€ sur iTunes

Numerari Scientific CalculatorUtilitaires
KnowledgeDoor LLC
0 votes
Numerari's comprehensive unit calculations, easy-to-use complex numbers, powerful graphing, and advanced functions make it the perfect tool for solving challenging science, engineering, and mathematical problems. ● Routinely use units in your calculations to verify unit consistency and convert units for any physical quantity. ● Enter calculations with mixtures of rectangular and polar complex numbers and easily convert answers between forms. ● Graph multiple functions on rectangular or polar gr
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Musical Minis Rhymes PuzzlesPrix : 2.99€ Gratuit sur iTunes

Musical Minis Rhymes PuzzlesMusical Minis Rhymes PuzzlesMusical Minis Rhymes PuzzlesMusical Minis Rhymes Puzzles
Musical Minis Rhymes PuzzlesÉducation
Musical Minis Ltd

0 votes
Musical Minis Nursery Rhymes Puzzles is a fun puzzles app based on popular nursery rhymes. Solve the puzzle and unlock a Musical Minis singalong nursery rhyme complete with fun interactive actions. 3 puzzle levels each with the same 3 nursery rhymes - Hickory Dickory Dock, Humpty Dumpty and I'm a Little Teapot. Each new level has 2 extra pieces to the puzzle, a little bit harder but just as much fun. Musical Minis where Learning Is Made Fun.
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Synthophone Stylophone clonePrix : 1.99€ 0.99€ sur iTunes

Synthophone Stylophone clone
Synthophone Stylophone cloneMusique
Rob Wilmot

0 votes
"5 stars for the sound", "Pb8-5 Stars, "Great fun". The retro style mono synthesizer app based on the classic Stylophone but with some cool modulation options: * Play the stylophone while music is playing on iTunes * It really does sound like the real Stylophone * 3 different waveforms(sawtooth, square and triangle). * Control the vibrato (pitch modulation) speed and depth. * Transpose up each note to the next octave. (Handy for playing in another key) * Adjust the amplitude envelope attack and
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Addictive microSynthPrix : 5.99€ 2.99€ sur iTunes

Addictive microSynthAddictive microSynthAddictive microSynthAddictive microSynthAddictive microSynth
Addictive microSynthMusique
VirSyn Software Synthesizer

0 votes
Combines the synthesis power of Addictive Synth with an easy to use 4 track loop phrase recorder. #1 Staff Favorites on US App Store ! It was never so easy to create beautiful sounds and driving loops. The unique dynamic wavetable synthesis allows you to explore an unprecedented wide range of sonic territory. From acid loops, crystal clear percussions, realistic human choirs to complex musical soundscapes nothing seems impossible with only a handful parameters to tweak. Together with the int
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POSiSalesPrix : 599.99€ 449€ sur iTunes

POSiSalesÉconomie et entreprise
Symbiotic Computer Systems Pty Ltd
0 votes
A point-of-sale solution that records & invoices sales, manages orders and tracks cash flow. An easy to use interface enables a business to get started with no training required. If you want to sell items fast and easy, POSiSales fits the bill, enabling reporting in CSV format of sales, transactions, tax, and profit across 1200 products in 40 different categories.
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First Words Int. Home HDPrix : 6.99€ 0.99€ sur iTunes

First Words Int. Home HD
First Words Int. Home HDEnseignement
Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language & Auditory Development
0 votes
Check out this fantastic app developed by a speech-language pathologist! Teaches 50 basic object names in photos and colored drawings, in 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and Russian. Perfect for a child of any age just learning basic English object names or just learning to talk or needs speech therapy. Another amazing app from Hamaguchi Apps! Includes 3 activities: Learn the Word, Find the Word (receptive vocabulary) and Say the Word (expressive vocab
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Mrs. Brown's Boys AppPrix : 1.19€ 0.99€ sur iTunes

Mrs. Brown's Boys AppMrs. Brown's Boys AppMrs. Brown's Boys AppMrs. Brown's Boys AppMrs. Brown's Boys App
Mrs. Brown's Boys AppDivertissement
Voice Express LTD

0 votes
THE OFFICIAL MRS. BROWN’S BOYS APP RECORDED BY THE MAMMY HERSELF! Mrs. Brown’s Boys went straight to number one in the UK and Ireland dvd charts, BAFTA nominated for best situation comedy, with a sell out UK tour. You can now enjoy Mrs. Brown’s Boys App which contains: Multiple Soundboards: All of Agnes Brown’s funniest phrases and quotes from the show Translator: Want to talk like Mrs. Brown? Then use the translator to hear how! Also features the voice of Cathy, Mrs. Brown’s daugh
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